Rockstar today have made available to everybody all of the Pre-order DLC that was exclusive to different retailers worldwide, the content that has been released can be seen below with their pricing:

Slip Of The Tongue - 320MSP
The Naked City - 320MSP
The Broderick Detective Suit - 80MSP
The Sharpshooter Detective Suit - 80MSP
L.A Noire Rockstar Pass - 800MSP
The Chicago Piano - Free

Now whilst all of this is fine and dandy, may I grab your attention to look towards the Rockstar Pass, whilst this may seem expensive at 800MSP, if you purchase the Rockstar pass not only do you get everything listed, but you also get any further DLC for free.

So far two more cases have been announced that will be out in the near future the cases are:

Nicholson Electroplating Arson Case - June 21st
Reefer Madness Vice Case - July 12th

Be sure to take advantage of this as quickly as possible as Rockstar have announced that this is a timed offer and will expire on the 14th of June with the price of the Rockstar Pass going to 960MSP

9 years ago
[color=#74DF00]DLC Already, seems a bit to soon IMO.]
The two preoder cases are cases that were cut from the game to stop the game being on 4 disc's the other two are yet to be disclosed, but in my opinion more cases are welcome.

Rockstar always provide awsome content and they dont rip people off and that just shows with their rockstar pass
9 years ago
This is mostly all false information in this article.
The Rockstar pass is only discounted to 800MSP until June 14th, and then everything is normal price.

You also get NO further DLC past Reefer Madness, the rest has to be purchased at a DISCOUNTED price.

and there are only 3 discs to L.A. Noire
When i wrote this yesterday morning all information at the time was correct, rockstar hadnt announced a set time to for the pass, further into the day though a time limit was announced so i have edited the aritcle now with the correct information.

Also after the next two cases it is possible rockstar will stop supporting the game, as i said before the cases are more then likely cases that were cut from the main game as the two pre-order ones fit perfectly into the main games story.

I also never said that the game came on anymore then 3 disc's i said that cases were cut to keep the disc count down. If those four cases were included in the game and not dlc afterwards, its possible that the game would of needed a fourth disc.

Update - Team Bondi have admitted that they cut out two parts of the game, those being the Fraud and Burglary Case Desk's as of yet Rockstar and Team Bondi have not announced wether these will return as DLC or not.