Twisted Pixel, Creators of the Splosion Man series have announced on their blog that they want to give gamers a chance to test Ms. Splosion Man, their latest game. There is only 10,000 spaces in which Twisted Pixel expect to be filled very quickly, so if you want to be in the chance of testing it, follow this link: https://connect.microsoft.com/...

The registration period will be open from the 24th May 2011, until the 12th June 2011. The beta will run from June 6th until June 26th and for those lucky enough to be part of the beta, will be able to try out two multiplayer levels each week during the testing. Twisted Pixel have also asked that comments, bug reports and any constructive feedback regarding the test be sent to beta@twistedpixelgames.com.

There are a few rules, when applying:
Eligible applicants must:

-Be one of the 10,000 registrants chosen to participate.
-Own a retail Xbox 360 console with a hard drive.
-Have an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.
-Have broadband Internet access at home.
-Be willing to play the early access with others in the program if they know them or not.
-Have time to play with numerous online gamers, and time to provide copious feedback.

Processing submissions may take some time, so please be patient. If you have any issues with Connect during the application process, email gbeta@microsoft.com.

If you apply then best of luck, the first wave of emails will hit selected applicant's inboxes on June 6th, 2011.

9 years ago
'Cannot Upload Picture'

Because I'm at school, I will upload a picture at home....
9 years ago
[imgsize=20, 20]http] Via http

i signed up lets hope i get to test it cos splosion man rocked

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