For any fan of the blockbuster series Mass Effect, you know they are vast games with tons to do and experience. But, for those planning to run through Mass Effect 3 to finish the story, you might want to think otherwise. Bioware's development lead Casey Hudson, while talking to PC Gamer, revealed that completionists, those who follow both the main story and side quests, will be rewarded with a better ending.

If you just rip straight down the critical path and try and finish the game as soon as you can, and do very little optional or side stuff, then you can finish the game. You can have some kind of ending and victory, but itíll be a lot more brutal and minimal relative to if you do a lot of stuff, said Hudson, suggesting, If you really build a lot of stuff and bring people to your side and rally the entire galaxy around you, and you come into the end game with that, then youíll get an amazing, very definitive ending.

9 years ago
This sounds good, I always enjoy side quests and find them beneficial experience wise, as well as build upon more of the Mass Effect universe story. I am somewhat looking forward to this game, although recently it has been sounding like it is more limited in combat and locations.(Dragon Age 2 style)