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In Our Manic Game, it's all about bullets. And risk. And reward. But mainly bullets. The twist in this shoot'em up is that bullets can either kill you, or make you smile. The very moment a foe explodes, all his bullets vanish in the air, and are turned into points. To maximize your SCORE, all enemies can be enraged by TOUCHING them on the screen.When berserk, they shoot way more bullets, and change their behavior. It may be risky, but it can be worth it. Unique features: - Multiple BOSSES. When enraged, all bullets start bouncing back on walls! - Infinite mode with 3 levels of difficulty and a 5-Minute mode. - Xbox LIVE Leaderboards! Try to beat your friends' score and stay on top of rankings! - Challenging Xbox LIVE Achievements to unlock. Remember: the difficulty depends on the risks you take. So does your score!

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