With Arkham City on everyone's minds when it comes to Batman, this news item seems a bit from left field. Warner Bros. and Monolith have announced an XBLA game coming this year called Gotham City Impostors. This game, a FPS, will feature 4v4 online multiplayer, with characters being Batman impostors and Joker impostors. With many modes, the game will include customizable options including a wide variety of costumes, body types and weapons that affect the way the game plays. A player progression system will be introduced into the game, giving players unlocks such as finishing kill-cam moves.

9 years ago

Unless it has something to do with arkham city's plot it's a blatant generic concept relying on franchised IP (wich usually means poor quality products).

Dunno why but bloody good time XBLA comes to mind except that impostors cryes half-assed from the start.

I once said I like XBLA spin-offs for retail games, but the way CAPCOM did with case zero (dead rising) etc. instead of the dead space 2 tie-in poor excuse for a XBLA.

Volition's Red Faction arcade wasn't that bad but felt like an unnecesary version of Crap Metal... but IMPOSTORS, wow. Seriously, I love Batman, have a tons (literally, I have storage problems with that) of comicbooks but that game sound like a shameless try on poketlifting fan's wallets.

Good news anyway, I wasn't aware of it, thaks for sharing tate!

edit: lol, I meant Scrap Metal XBLA game. Edited as a foot note just cause I'm so dumb to consider that error way too funny :P