[forumhidden]This week's arcade releases are:

Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury - 800MSP

Moon Diver - 1200MSP

Plus, two new demos have neen released this week,
This week's arcade releases are:

Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury

800 msp

marketplace.xbox.com/es-ES/Pro... ... 0258410af2

Simply put, Bangai-O series are one of the best in the shoot-em up genre. Some may be familiar with this gem of a game made by TREASURE since Bangaio-O spirits has been out on the nintendo DS for some time now. Insane amount of bullets on screen and cleverly made puzzles are trademarks of the bangai-O series but I'm afraid to say final product isn't on par with nintendo's hand held version.

In some parts it feels half-assed if compared to Bangai-O spirits (stages don't have a name -like i.e meatboy's- graphics aren't as nice,etc).

Also, it has no tutorial so that bullet storm (in the very sense of the words) may overwhel most players. To summarize it's about to dizzy opponents dashing into them (or going thru bullets while dashing) and releasing a missile hell with LT wich if propperly timed can be devastating (the much outnumbered you are the powerful your attack is).

I reccomend giving this try. It has level editor and may feature classics as the bat (to return bullets to enemies) or bouncing bullets.

Moon Diver

1200 msp

marketplace.xbox.com/es-ES/Pro... ... 0258410a2d

Don't know why but the almost non-existent plot starts out at Barcelona (fun fact I'm from that given city). That serves actually zero to no purpose as backgrounds (like enemies themselves) are kinda generic.

Characters actually crouch into a power ranger pose up the top of Sagrada Familia cathedral once (manga style drawn characters over a bit of real life photo wich feels cheap graphically-wise, as most of the game demoed itself) and that 's all.

Gameplay is what you'd find in blade kitten or more accuratedly in magic sword (from XBLA double impact). You can level up to enlarge MP and hitpoints bars, features 4 co-op play and final stage bosses but other than that IMHO it doesn't feel a deep enough experience to justify the 1200 pricetag.

Two add-ons (8o msp each) for Moon Diver are also avaliable from release date.

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Plus, two new demos have neen released this week, LEGO PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and RED FACTION ARMAGGEDON.

Source: major nelson, marketplace.

Add a lego minifig of johnny deep to your queue:

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Add a martian revolution to your queue:

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9 years ago
Tried both the new games and... wow, really didn't enjoy either of them. Couldn't find anything in them to respect either. Both feel really cheap and dull. Bit of a disappointment this week. At least the DOTW was useful.
9 years ago
The core of Bangai-O is hella good, but sure the demo was pretty dull, and moon diver is simply an overpriced lazy assed game. You nailed it definig them as cheap.

I remember previous Bangai-O entries featured a katana (ninja sword) to destroy enemies and bullets alike or a baseball bat to return their bullets, narrow corridors where you had to shoot a bouncing bullet so it landed in the crowd of enemies, hitting a soccer ball to start a chain reaction... a fantastic game full of TREASURE's kirkyness.

And now we get either a half-assed game or a pretty badly demoed one...