Warning: Minor plot spoilers are included in the following article

Bethesda have recently announced a few details regarding the upcoming pieces of content for Fallout: New Vegas. It was known that the game would recieve content, and Dead Money hinted at what the future held for the Courier. The next piece is titled Honest Hearts and will be released on May 17th for the price of 800MSP. Below is a quote of what Honest Hearts will contain:

Honest Hearts will be the first of the three add-on chapters and will take the game's hero on an expedition to Utah's Zion National Park, an unspoiled wilderness where things are waiting to go wrong. And go wrong they do when your caravan is ambushed by a band of Tribal raiders. Your mission therefore, is to find your way back to the Mojave desert while being caught up in a war between two tribes as well as a conflict between the legendary Burned Man and a New Canaanite missionary. There'll be decisions you'll have to make in Honest Hearts that will ultimately decide the fate of Zion.

As well as a release date for Honest Hearts, Bethesda were kind enough to provide further details about DLC 3 and 4.

Honest Hearts will be followed in June by Old World Blues, which will provide insight into the Mojaves mutated population as the Courier becomes an unwitting lab rat and turn things around on your captors, which sounds like a similar event that Dead Money contained.

Finally, the story arc that Dead Money introduced and hinted at its end, Lonesome Road will hit consoles in July, and will take the Courier on an adventure to the Divide, and will also give insight into who Ulysses is, and why he wouldn't deliver the chip, and ultimately be the clash under the old world flag as mentioned in Dead Money.

These will also be priced at 800MSP, so for fans of New Vegas, it will be a busy three months in the Mojave.

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