For a brief period of time today, owners of Banned Xbox 360 consoles and associated gamertags were mysteriously granted access to Xbox Live. Whilst they have now been re-banned, some thought it had something in common with regards to the current [hint=Playstation Network]PSN[/hint] outage.

It was unreported as to whether or not said consoles could play online but they could certainly access the Live service in a way that got people thinking that Microsoft may have granted them at least some access rather than just straight locking them out. But alas it seems it was not meant to be that way.

Some have even speculated that it may have had something to do with the new Data Discs that Microsoft are currently beta testing.

9 years ago
Haha my very first console was banned because I had no idea it was modded as I bought it second hand. I sold it to ChuckyKillinit though. 8)

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