This week see's a pretty slow week in the world of the WP7, their is only one new release this week with that being Game Room - Asteroids Delux.
As you can probably tell though this game is yet another addition to the world of game room for the Windows Phone. The game is priced though at $3.99 or 2.49

This week's DotW though see's the classic card game Uno reduced in price of $2 or 1.50

Game Room - Pitfall was supposed to have hit the Zune Marketplace today but appears to be M.I.A at the moment. We shall update this post if the game appears later on today.


I may not have covered this recently but I will begin to start covering these again every week once they are announced on Wednesday mornings.

Anyway lets being with this week's new WP7 Release which see's the fifth game in the Must Have Games promotion which is Plants vs Zombies which is selling currently at 3.99 - $4.99

And the DotW this week is keeping in with the Popcap theme going across all the Microsoft platforms at the moment, we see Bejeweled Live getting a price reduction to 2.49 - $3.99

So do any of these games take your fancy? If not then why don't you take a look at recently reinstated Twin Blades for 2.49.

This week sees both the end of the six week Must Have Games Promotion but also introduces and welcomes with open arms Angry Birds which is currently now on the Zune Marketplace for 2.49 - $2.99

The Deal of the Week as far as Windows Phone 7 goes sees the mystery crime game Women's Murder Club reduced down to 1.99 - $2.49 which really isn't a price to be grumbled at seeing as it is mildly entertaining and add the fact you can clock all 200 achievement points in around 2-3 hours.

Until next week get your phone out and get gaming!

After last weeks disappointing showing following Twin Blades returning to the marketplace and no new games, Microsoft have hit back hard this week with the release of their first in house WP7 game entitled, Beards & Beaks the game is now on the marketplace to buy for 2.49 - $2.99. Out first impressions of the game are good, so this may be a game for you to pick up.

The Deal Of The Week this week also hits the right note as we see a price reduction of Max & The Magic Marker reduced to only 2.49 - $2.99. The game as got positive reviews pretty much everywhere so this must be a game to pick up at that price.

If that wasn't enough for you though we can officially tell you what game is coming to the marketplace next week, and that game is Tentacles the new game by Press Start Studios the guys who brought you Twin Blades.

But until next week grab yourself a few new games and relax whilst we bring you five WP7 reviews including Angry Birds.

This week we see one new release to the Marketplace and one DotW.

The new release that you should be able to get your hands on sometime within the next few hours is Cro-Mag Rally this game sees the first kart racer making its way onto the WP7 Live platform. You will be able to pick it up for the low price point of 2.29 - $2.99

This weeks DotW sees everybodys favourite ilomilo slashed in price to a mere 2.29 - $2.99, whilst this game is very good it can be a huge energy drain on your phones battery, but it is still worth a look.

And that concludes this weeks news, and we shall inform you of any new game developments during the week.