Break a Sweat with the Kinect Sports: Calorie Challenge Game Add-on Launching April 26.

Kinect Sports, one of Kinect's best selling games has another DLC coming our way. The Calorie Challenge Mode. Your favourite food and snacks will take the forms as Avatar Calorie Rivals. You will be competing against some new mascots, each mascot will represent a different amount of calories to burn off, within a set of challenges.

The Pack will be available for 320 MSP, on April 26 and comes with 250G of new Achievements.

There are a total of six new mascots, Steady Celery (26 Calories), Blazing Banana (63 Calories), Mighty Milk, (91 Calories), Super Soda (129 Calories), Chunky Chocolate (177 Calories), and finally Peppy Pizza with a whopping 238 Calories.

The achievements are rumored as followed:

Break a Sweat, Defeat the Celery in a quick calorie challenge.

Get energetic, Defeat the Banana in a short calorie challenge.

Feel the burn, Defeat the Milk in a medium calorie challenge.

Fighting Fit, Defeat the Soda in a long calorie challenge.

Maximum burn, Defeat the Chocolate in a tough calorie challenge.

Calorie Champion, Defeat the Pizza in a maximum calorie challenge.

5-a-day, Defeat any 5 calorie rivals within a single day.

A calorie Rival a day, Beat any calorie rival every day for 5 days in a row.

Milk Shake, Defeat the Banana and Milk rivals in a single session.

Fast Food, Defeat the Pizza and Soda rivals in a single session.

A trailer has also been announced along side this DLC, you can view it here.

[showcase=kinectsportscaloriechallengetrailer,Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge Trailer]http://www.youtube.com/v/xR9Svq_T_5E[/showcase]

9 years ago
Embarrasingly should help me burn a few calories xD