This marks the first time Xbox Resource as reviewed a Windows Phone 7 game, and with that we ask the question, Does Fruit Ninja really have what it takes to be one of the fun little games Microsoft are looking for to tice users away from their iPhones?

Well read on and we shall find out?

Game Play 9/10
Fruit Ninja in its simplest form is well, simple. There really isn't much in the way of game play as the pretty much the objective of the game is to act like a Ninja on your phone and slice fruit.
From the trailer for the game, they make you believe this is because all ninjas hate fruit.

Don't let the simple nature of this game fool you though as the game comes with three different modes and each has its own little twist which are all easy and fun to pick up and learn but again they are all hard to master.

First up though we have the classic mode which sees you slicing as much fruit as possible whilst missing the bombs that fly onto the screen and also without letting your unsliced fruit fall off of the screen.

In this mode you get three lives and each fruit that drops off of the screen without it being sliced means you lose a life, but if you slice a bomb by accident the game will automatically end no matter how many lifeís you still have left.

Each critical hit scores an additional ten points to your score whilst the bonuses for slicing groups of fruit will depend on how many you sliced, so for example if you sliced three fruit in a combo you will score three points for the fruit then an additional three points.

One last thing about this mode also is the ability of the rare fruit which will appear in games from time to time, if you slice this it will add an instant 50 to your score at the end.

Once all three lives have been lost or once you have hit a bomb the game will end then your final score will be given to you to try and beat the next time.

The next game mode is Zen which is just like classic but without the lives, instead you get a timer of 90 seconds to score as much as you can do from combos or just slicing fruit, no critical hits in this mode sadly. To score high in this you have to really aim to hit as many combos of fruit as possible, hence the reason Zen mode, with Zen most commonly being known as a term of relaxation or to focus on something.

Once your 90 seconds are over though your score will be given to you again but you will also notice that the game will tell you what your best combo of fruit was, with normally 6 of a kind of a single fruit being the best.

The last mode the game offers is Arcade Mode, On this you again have a timer of only a minute to score as much as you can do, But their are a few more twists this time around, with the main focus now on being three or more large bananas will appear on the screen during the sixty seconds, and each of them will normally feature a different kind of power up.

The first power up that is on offer is frenzy, if you manage to slice the banana prepare to have loads of fruit chucked at you on the screen, this is perfect for grabbing all of those combos for a real high score, but if you can do you really want to try and team that up with a Freeze Banana which does what it says, it slows down everything on screen making getting those combos all the much more easier.
The last power up though is a double score one which as it says doubles the score of all fruit sliced whilst the effects of the power up are in place. If by luck you manage to get all three bananas together then you have the chance to seriously increase your score before the timer runs down to 0.

Critical Hits are back in this mode but so are also the bombs, but this time if you slice a bomb you won't die instantly you will lose ten points off of your final score but also all the fruit that was on the screen will also vanish along with any power up bananas also.

Your final score will be displayed once the sixty seconds are over but you will get additional points added to that score for different kinds of bonuses earned during that round, from hitting three or more bombs in a round to not slicing a special banana.
With the three different game modes their really is something for everybody to enjoy with its easy pick up and play ability.

Graphics 8/10
Before I start with the graphics, I just want to point out that the developers Halfbrick studios have become famous for their unique and cartoonish art design in all of their games from this to Raskulls it all shines through.

This game is no different though everything about it has the Halfbrick finish to it, the menuís are colourful and all of the fruit slices in many different ways depending on where it gets sliced from and how it is sliced.

There are different backgrounds as well for when you decide to go on your fruit killing spree and with every fruit that is killed the spatter from the fruit is a real nice touch.

The splatter will normally be the same colour as the fruit you just sliced and the splatter will normally splash over the screen depending on how you sliced the fruit. So if you swiped from left to right the splatter will go over to the right side of the screen which is a real nice touch to the game.
The end game formatting is formatted really well also with everything being displayed appropriately so you can see your scores and the bonuses in which you received.

Seeing as this game is about slicing fruit, shamefully this means their really isnít much more else to discuss on the graphics front.

Sound and Music 8/10
Again just like the graphics, their really isnít much to the sound in this game.

What you do get though is different squelches or cracks depending on the fruit you sliced for example slice a bunch of apples and lemons you will get a really nice squelch noise, but if you take out a bunch of coconuts then you get a popping noise or crack depending on your preference on how you hear things.

For every combo that you slice you will get a certain noise that will go off to let you know you managed to take out a certain number or fruit, the same noise is also used for when you manage to get a critical hit on a fruit.

Every time you swipe your finger across the screen you get a swiping noise as if you really were using a blade on the fruit instead of just your finger which is quite a nice touch to the game.

Lastly the music in the game is a sort of cheesy Japanese blend, which happens to fit into the game quite nicely, unfortunately though if you happen to have your phones volume turned up more then halfway then the sound can appear to sound distorted or tinny which is a shame. This though could of course just of been my phone.

Difficulty 5/10
The difficulty of this game really depends on the userís skill level, whilst it is easy to pick up and play and get used to it, the game really will be something that is hard to master and get the big leaderboard scores.

With the three different modes requiring different objectives or rules, the way you play the game and the strategies you use are greatly changed and as a result can become more difficult.

For example in the Zen mode a lot of people will tend to swipe quickly across the bottom of the screen to try and get a big score but this of course wonít work in Arcade or classic as you may hit a bomb in the process.

Once you do get a hang of this game though things will start to get easier and easier and in no time you will be able to hit those high scores and unlock some of the achievements on the way.

Achievements 8/10
The achievement list is really well balanced between achievements you will earn in time and achievements that will require skill and a lot of luck to obtain, they range from slicing x number of fruit to getting six critical hits in a classic round and then you have your luck based achievements which are things like getting 400 in arcade mode after bonuses.

With time and effort the 200 possible gamer score can be earned, the list isnít beyond anybody but it will just take some patience as you will have to master the game or wait for your luck to role in with say hitting four of the same fruit in a row in classic mode.

By far though one of the best achievement lists in a WP7 game yet and even the Achievement tiles look nice and colourful.


In short this is a must have game for anybody with a Windows Phone, there is a great level of replayabilty which means that if you do manage to gain all of those 20 achievements you can still easily go back to it and Ninja some more fruit for a quick bit of fun.

Halfbrick Studios again have created something that is both fun and unique and really is very much different to anything else currently on the Zune marketplace. At the low price point of three dollars and two pound fifty, then do yourself a favour and pick this game up.

Their really isnít much that is wrong with the game and even the things that donít work out, itís just so easy to overlook them.

Overall, I give this game a 9/10

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Nice work dude, hope you dont mind, i just changed their to there, and took out a few un needed apostrophes. Apart from that nice review (H).
I dont get what you mean by 'WORK IN PROGRESS' though.
It's not finished i uploaded it because im formatting it as i type it, and all spelling should be ok as im using word to write the review

Edit - Finished just hope everybody likes it as i put a lot of time and effort into my reviews
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Spellings are fantastic mate (comparing to your usual ;) ). Although make sure their, there and they're are used correctly and some apostrophes are not needed if they aren't possessive, however they can be used for words that have 'missing' letters, such as aren't, and to emphasise words such as 'missing', look at the context i used it there.

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I do find it enjoyable although I do get bored of it rather quickly. I don't see this being the game to pull others away from the i-phone, but there are a lot of games on my W7 phone that I really do enjoy that are not on the i.

As for the review, nice job mate. I can tell you put a lot into it and I thank you for that.
9 years ago
blackcat13 says:
I do find it enjoyable although I do get bored of it rather quickly. I don't see this being the game to pull others away from the i-phone, but there are a lot of games on my W7 phone that I really do enjoy that are not on the i.

As for the review, nice job mate. I can tell you put a lot into it and I thank you for that.

i've had it on my iphone for months lol