This week, again just like last week is a busy week for the WP7 format, brining two new titles for gamers to download.

The first new title brings Game Room to the Windows Phone, and the game itself is Centipede. Not only does the WP7 format now have game room, but anything you do whilst playing any of the Game Room games will transfer over to your main xbox 360 account to unlock Achievements there also. You can download it for $3.99 or 2.49

The second new game is Harbor Master, a puzzle game that puts you in charge of leading a busy harbor and making sure ships come and leave safely, so a sea version of Diner Dash I would assume. You can download this title for $3.99 2.49 also.

This week's DoTW is Carnyvale Showtime, which is a different take on certain activites that you would do at a carnival or funfair. This is discounted for this week only seeing a $1 or 50p price cut.

UPDATE - Watch out later for our very first Xbox Resouce WP7 Review, The review will be of the WP7 OS with Hardware and game reviews incoming very soon!

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