With consumers begging for more Kinect after a couple months of minimal releases for the hands-free system, we finally have another game to talk about. Today, Ubisoft announced an upcoming fighting game for Kinect coming in June titled PowerUp Heros.

The game will have you playing as your avatar, though you can suit up as your favorite in-game heros, and have you interacting with Kinect by waving your arms around. Details were minimal, but the game will be an over-the-shoulder view and will include online play when it hits in June.

9 years ago
minimal and clumsy releases i'd say.

that's what kinect has been about from its release. i meant gaming value for money wise.

note i won't be using capitals except if i was to say Fail.

by the way that anouncement sounds promising. a real game finally... something that's not a collection of minigames. hope so.

thanks for the heads up :)