Retro city rampage is an upcoming XBLA that in short, will be a 2D Grand Theft Auto (like the very first ones) with an 8-bit feel to it. GrumpyOlGamer already hit the spot time ago.

Now for some news from destructoid

Brian Provinciano's Retro City Rampage is coming out for Xbox Live Arcade this summer. The XBLA version of the game will have widescreen support, a challenge mode, a character creator mode, and video replays, and it now features Mr. Destructoid as a playable character! You'll be able to find and equip the Destructoid helmet, which will give you some special powers -- but that will be revealed a little later.

Not only that, but Destructoid is also a playable level! At some point during your quest in Retro City Rampage, you will have to find Jonathan Holmes to get a special item. The quest is simple enough -- that is, until Dr. Von Buttnick steals the special item and goes on a city-wide rampage in the giant Destructoid robot!

You can see the vid HERE - destructoid.com/mr-destructo... ... 6546.phtml

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