For a while now there have been rumours regarding a new Sonic game to coincide with his 20th Anniversary. Recently it was discovered that the Domain Names SonicGenerations.com and Sonic-Generations.com were registered sparking more speculation as to whether this would be the so-called Anniversary game.

Well it seems that the rumours were - sort of - true and today a trailer was posted up for what we assume to be Sonic Generations on Facebook featuring not only one Sonic... but two. A more modern model and a new 3D model of his past appearance. You can see for yourself by watching the showcase video at the end of this article.

It clearly states at the end of the trailer that the game will be on Xbox 360/Live and PS3/PSN in 2011 - but we are still yet to confirm if it is actually Sonic Generations due to lack of a game name in the trailer... so we shall have more on this as it progresses. And please... let's have no mention of the Sonic Cycle!

[showcase=sonicgenerationstrailer,Sonic Generations Trailer]http://www.youtube.com/v/6l6-JpmenhQ[/showcase]

9 years ago
Personally I think this is Sonic Generations... since we are clearly seeing Classic Sonic there.

I heard a rumour that the game is based around the fact that the levels are being stripped of colour (hence the lack of any in some parts of the terrain in the video) and that classic Sonic and Modern Sonic have to team up to sort it out.

I can't wait to return to some old stages though if that is the case.