This week will see a fairly busy week for all of you with a Windows Phone.

First up is the release of Super Monkey Ball which costs $4.99 or 3.99.
The game uses the tilt function of the phone, for the movement of the ball, and is sure to be a huge hit with anybody who loved playing the mini games Aiai back on the PS2 - The game also comes with 8 achievements which equal 200g.

The second game to hit the Zune marketplace this week is unfortunately only for people in Europe as it see's the release of popular game show, Who Want's To Be A Millionaire.
This game takes everything that we know and love about the game show and add's a few new extra's like the ability to take part in different fastest finger first's - The game also comes with 16 achievements for 200g

This week's Deal of the Week is Monopoly which sees a price reduction of $2 and 1.50


This week, again just like last week is a busy week for the WP7 format, brining two new titles for gamers to download.

The first new title brings Game Room to the Windows Phone, and the game itself is Centipede. Not only does the WP7 format now have game room, but anything you do whilst playing any of the Game Room games will transfer over to your main xbox 360 account to unlock Achievements there also. You can download it for $3.99 or 2.49

The second new game is Harbor Master, a puzzle game that puts you in charge of leading a busy harbor and making sure ships come and leave safely, so a sea version of Diner Dash I would assume. You can download this title for $3.99 2.49 also.

This week's DoTW is Carnyvale Showtime, which is a different take on certain activites that you would do at a carnival or funfair. This is discounted for this week only seeing a $1 or 50p price cut.

UPDATE - Watch out later for our very first Xbox Resouce WP7 Review, The review will be of the WP7 OS with Hardware and game reviews incoming very soon!

Just recently it appears that the Windows Phone 7 releases are getting fewer and fewer or just plain boring as for a third week we see a Game Room Title get graced upon us.

Said Game Room Title is Pitfall! Which comes onto the Zune Marketplace at the price of 2.49 or $2.99. The game comes with connectivity to both Xbox 360 and GFWL versions of the game just like the other games and comes with Ten achievements for 250 Gamer Score.

The DotW this week look a little more promising as well as we see two titles discounted from their high price tags.

First up is Earthworm Jim HD Which is discounted to the price of 2.49 or $2.99. All you achievement hunters be aware though that this games control scheme can be a bit iffy which won't make getting some of those harder achievements any more easier

The second DotW see's Assassin's Creed - Altair's Chronicles HD reduced from it's very hefty price tag to a more manageable 3.99 or $4.99 Again the control scheme for this game as been known to not be all that great but at least the achievements are easier to obtain.

In other news the app Avatar Gadgets Which used to cost 79p or $1 as now been reduced to the awesome price of FREE!, How long this will stay free for is anybodies guess but remember it is only an app which comes with no achievements and will smirk at you at the top of your games list on your phone.

Until next week - peace.

I want to start this weeks new WP7 releases by saying that there are no new games coming to the device this week, marking the first time since the WP7 released that a week as come by without a new release.

The reason for this is because Twin Blades has now formally returned to the marketplace as we covered a few weeks back and Microsoft are treating the new updated version of the game as a brand new game again. If you have previously paid for the game before it was pulled before you will not need to pay again.

This weeks DotW is Bubble Town 2 which is a cheap knock off of Puzzle Bobble. The game is reduced down to 1.99 - $2.49

Hopefully next week we will see some new releases again, as this week as already angered many of the WP7 community, and next week's Dotw is scheduled to be Fast and the Furious Adrenaline marking the third week an I-Play game as been discounted in a row.

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