This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can save 50% on the following Xbox LIVE Battlefield BC 2 content

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Vietnam 600 50%

marketplace.xbox.com/Product/B... ... ajornelson

Onslaught Mode 200 50%

marketplace.xbox.com/Product/O... ... ajornelson

Kit Shortcut Bundle Pack 600 50%

marketplace.xbox.com/Product/K... ... ajornelson

Specact Upgrade Bundle 240 50%

marketplace.xbox.com/Product/S... ... ajornelson

Battlefield 1943 600 50%

marketplace.xbox.com/Product/B... ... ajornelson

The special pricing will be available until April 11th.

Source: Major Nelson (majornelson.com/2011/04/05/dot...

I Thinks it's time to get Vietnam... I feel lazy about coming back to BF after MOH but at this price and after xbox resource featured reviews this DLC looks like a must.

EDIT1: Portal Still Alive is also discounted to 600 msp (50%) I think there is no official word about this @Major Nelson's blog but you can see it advertised straight away on your dashboard.

EDIT2: sorry, can't manage to get those URL stuff to work. I got stuck with the a href thing...

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