Despite its shocking single-player length, reviewers and the community have praised Homefront for its multiplayer. A large amount of the community though, have been experiencing numerous issues with freezing and server location problems. THQ have been working 24/7, says Homefront multiplayer manager, to release an update that will fix these problems. Today, the patch finally cleared authorization by Microsoft and is currently live to gamers.

This update fixes the freeze issue, where the game freezes at title screens before entering the main menu. The update also fixes the server location issue. The issue was having people from other parts of the world being put in a server halfway around the world from their location (for example, a New Zealand gamer being throne in an American server).

Another update that THQ is currently working on deals with many more issues like rank reseting, freezing during games, joining friends in session, the beacon error, and problems with the leaderboard.

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