Online passes, when first instituted, became a love-hate type of method. Some people loved the fact that it helped keep retailers from hurting developer sales by used copies, but a lot of used game buyers hate the system because they have to pay MSP to unlock multiplayer. Either way, it has become a popular thing around the gaming world, and now there is reason to believe Mortal Kombat will require an online pass to play multiplayer.

This report came from an internal email that was supposed to be sent to retailers only, but the website Joystiq obviously saw the email, and reported that the game will in fact require an online code. This means if you buy a used copy, you will have to pay 800 MSP to receive an online pass. Warner Bros. have not confirmed this report, but this seems to be the path many games are taking today to put their foot down against used game sales.

9 years ago
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