Do you remember those adver-games, or the very early unlock xbox games that were US account only.

I am of course on about such titles like Aegis Wing, Totemball & the now defunct Dash of Destruction and Yaris.

Well would you like to be able to download them, now..and again for free, without the hassle of making fake accounts or the games no longer being avalible to use. Well if that is the case then follow the steps below and you can feel free to play any of these games.

The first step is to download this file >> tinyurl.com/68n5odt...

Once that file is downloaded, you will then want to uncompress the file by using either Winrar, Winzip or 7zip

Once you have uncompressed the files your next step is to then either mount all of the .iso files for the games to a USB stick using a program called deamontools, or you could burn them to either a CD/DVD using any program that can burn ISO's to disc.

Personally I find that DVD Decrypter works best which can be found here >> tinyurl.com/33yqgof...

Once the files have all been burnt to disc, the next step is to then insert disc or USB into your Xbox and go to your game library.

Upon entering your game lobby you will now be met with five new or familliar faces those being the four Ilisted earlier plus Totemball.

On a side note Totemball will show up in the game screen for a second then disappear, this is because you will need to have a live vision cam plugged in for your xbox to realise the game is on the disc.

There have been some issues with Aegis wing taking a little while longer to load seeing as it comes from a disc now instead of the hard drive but it will work perfectly.

These were released no matter what region microsoft made them free to use and because of this never locked them to a specific gamertag or console with a license for that game. This means that you can effectively create backups of these games and distribrute them freely as you see fit.

So that is that then guys have fun with those five games, they may not be the five games people were hoping for but im sure somebody will be happy with them especially seeing as you cant get some of them now i.e. DoD and Yaris

If anybody as any problems at all with any of this then please feel free to PM me and i will help you out as best I can do.

Thankyou to the guys over at digiex.net/... for finding this interesting piece of news around a year ago.

#FF0000">Notice: We cannot be held responsible for any action taken against anyone's Xbox 360 Console or Xbox Live Profile if they choose to do this. You do so at your own risk and although it appears to be legit we cannot guarantee it 100%.

9 years ago
Not to sure this is legit however ill give it a go:)
This is about as legit as you can get, the games were never in their lifecycle purchaseable, they dont have any sort of lock on them meaning you can do what you like with them.

Lots of people have used this and it works really well, it uses the same method that the Arcade Unplugged disc uses, by having to go through your game library to find your games.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Well I trust you Luke but just to cover our backs in case something does happen I think we need to add a little footer saying how we cannot be held responsible for any action taken against anyone's Xbox 360 Console or Xbox Live Profile if they choose to do this.
They cant and wont be banned from doing this, like i say they are or were free games, they are not region coded or locked in any way, playing them off a disc is exactly the same way the arcade unplugged disc works, and since this was found out a year and a half ago there have been no reports of being banned from doing this.

All games were uploaded from somebodys hard drive, when you look at the files you will notice none of them are encoded to a said console or gamertag, meaning they are free to use. And again this is because they were free, all free stuff doesnt come with any sort of lock. And this is exactly how people now play yaris after it has been off the marketplace for two years and over.

Obviously some people will be doubtful but no need to be, again running it off a disc will show up as Play DVD, from there go to your game library and all five games will be sat there, there is no way microsoft can track this because 1) No lock, 2) Xbox thinks your playing a DVD
9 years ago
one problem, ive used the largest type USB possible compatiable with xbox to transfer, nothing will fit on.
going to have to get a disk... will one that u burn songs on do?
Update:- Appears Totemball is the only game that is console locked, it shows up as having a lock on an xbox program on the computer, Avoid that one if you must, the others will work fine.

For anybody wondering Crash Course and Harms Way will also work if you take them off your hard drive and burn them, they show up as demos when you try to play them as a disc but they are infact the full game and cheevos can be unlocked still.

And yes any CD/DVD will do, as per usual though depending on the dvd drive in your xbox, this will determine what dics the xbox likes or is not happy with so to speak
9 years ago
OXM premium themes can be downloaded and installed to your xbox thru USB using similar method.

It's only you have to move your profile from HD to USB drive, then open the folder on computer's browser, add the themes and load everything back to the HD (just plugging the USB to the xbox again).

The problem is that you might mess things up like I did once and get your profile corrupted, that meaning you can recover it from teh internets but loosing every saved games you had. Happened me once while trying to fit FREE stuff into my xbox via USB. That's the closest shady thing I've ever did to my xbox and never ever again did try again, no matter how legit it was.

Seriously, this stuff is neat and I'm almost sure it isn't illegal, unless you consider it system manipulation (that hardly would happen) but still it's tricky stuff and migh fit better in the forums wiouth getting frontpage, if not avoiding such posts at all.

You know, microsoft's policy and such can get picky.