Here at Xbox Resource we are a full out community behind all things Xbox 360, but at the same time, we are caring human beings. With that being said, we have all heard about the tragic, and devastating, earthquake that hit Japan last week. This earthquake has devastated every part of the Japanese lifestyle, including gaming, as many delays from Japanese developers have already been announced.

How can you help you ask? A simple way to help out the victims via The Red Cross is to text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to help aid and reconstruction for Japanese lives. If you wish to donate less or possibly more than $10, you can head over to redcross.org... and find the donation tab to donate an amount.

8 years ago
Thankyou for posting this... really nice to have some support for good causes here.

We send our thoughts and prayers out for those affected by this tradegy and others.
8 years ago
Nice post SteinlageT, I hope the people of Japan find it easier as each day goes by.

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