The Xbox Live Marketplace schedule beginning the 16th March 2011 has just been released, check it out below.

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week
Sonic 4: Episode I - March 22 - March 27 - 800MSP
A World of Keflings - March 29 - April 3 - 400MSP (50% off)
Worms 2: Armageddon - March 29 - April 3 - 200MSP (50% off)
Worms 2: Battle Pack - March 29 - April 3 - 400MSP (50% off)
Raskulls - March 29 - April 3 - 400MSP (50% off)

Xbox LIVE Arcade
Full House Poker - 16 March - 800MSP
Ghostbusters - 23 March - 800MSP
Swarm - 23 March - 1200MSP
Islands of Wakfu - 30 March - 800MSP
Seisou Kouki Strania - 30 March - 800MSP
Rush 'N' Attack Ex-Patriot - 30 March - 800MSP

Games on Demand
Call of Juarez - 22 March
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - 22 March
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 - 29 March
Split Second - 29 March

Games on Demand - Price Reductions
Halo: Reach ONE WEEK ONLY March 15 - March 21
Batman: Arkham Asylum - 15 March

Avatar Marketplace
Aviation Collection - 17 March
MLB 2K11 collection - 24 March
Zombie Pets collection - 31 March

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9 years ago
NEW XBLA releases look awesome (Ain't afraid of no ghost!) ;)

What kinda surprises me is the variety between them; Swarm, ghostbusters, rush'n remake...

Deals are SWEET ! I'll most likely be picking keflings (love you ninjabee!) and raskulls but will be missing ilomilo :(

See? this is the reward of keeping your money away from 1st day purchases !

Thanks for the news!

ps: I wish there where so much opinions here as appears to be in the giveaway topic.

Anyone wants to tells us what will be picking out of those?

ps2: shame on you (whoever may concern!) worms the game is half the price its add-on is! 400msp is great if you still play worms but at that price I'd rather get a whole arcade game.
9 years ago
man... i wish i had some extra cash, just took a $100 hit with Mortal Kombat.

but, i'd like to pick up Sonic 4 for my woman since she's been freaking out for it for years, and now it's cheap.

i'd also like to get both Kefling games.

already got Worms 2, but it IS messed up for the game pricing vs. the add on.
9 years ago
liquidblue4 Said
man... i wish i had some extra cash, just took a $100 hit with Mortal Kombat.

What ? I got fired as my company closed due to economic issues and still bought a $110 book (yup, a book, that stuff with paper inside, just in case you think $100 on a game was crazy ;) ) LMAO

Now I wish that book was about how to print your own money :D

Now seriously, the book is really old and nice and huh... I don't think MK will be worth that amount of money (maybe just for the HORI stick). IMHO MK was about people disguised being motion captured and breaking cinderblocks with a karate move more than a power ranger 3D fest (about 5 to 10 ninjas in different colored pijamas as main characters, both males and females... huh and robots!) with blood eerywhere and for no reason (Menstruation Kombat, that's it). I remember I needed a code like up up B B A down, etc. to unlock the blood back at those days...

BTW, I still have 1020 microsoft points, so lucky me, enough for 2 games worth 400 msp each ;) I hope you wont miss any offer!
9 years ago
Yeah, I was looking forward to Zombie pets as well.

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