Achievements... Who here doesn't know what an Achievement is? I didn't think so, Achievements are well known on the Xbox Live Service, some obsess over them - trying to earn as much Gamerscore as possible, some consider them a hinderance and some just accept that they are awarded for doing what they would normally do in a game anyway.

But have you ever wondered how many Achievements have been unlocked to this day, how much Gamerscore has been amassed so far or how many hours have been spent on the service. Well here's a quick number crunch for you.

As of the beginning of March, 6.3 billion achievements have been earned totalling up to around 176,802,201,383 worth of Gamerscore - of course, this is only representative of Achievements that have been earnt whilst online, it doesn't cover people who don't have Xbox Live.

Every day over 20 million people log onto Xbox Live and have reached up to 4 billion hours of gaming so far. Impressive numbers!

Source - kotaku.com/#...!5780902/xbox-lives- ... terrifying

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