Microsoft have set a permanent discount on various Marketplace content, you can find the selected content in the 'sales & special offers' part of the Spotlight section on your dashboard. Here's what's been affected.

Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 1 - Was 1600MSP, Now 800MSP
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 2 - 1200MSP, Now 800MSP

Games on Demand
Batman: Arkham Asylum - Was 29.99($39.99), Now 19.99 ($29.99)
Borderlands - Was 19.99($29.99), Now 14.99 ($19.99)
BioShock 2 - Was 19.99($39.99), Now 14.99 ($19.99)
Super Street Fighter IV - Was 29.99($29.99), Now 19.99 ($19.99)
Dante's Inferno - Was 19.99($29.99), Now 14.99 ($19.99)

Game Add-Ons
The Lost and Damned in Grand Theft Auto IV - Was 1600MSP, Now 800MSP

8 years ago
Hope this will be a trend since some titles' price tags are outdated (exit, commanders attack...) Unfortunately can't see this happening on regular basis

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