Xbox Resource is back with some easy achievements once again this week, bringing you a nice 50 gamerscore.

xboxresource.com/viewachieveme... - 10G
Open up the game (free off the marketplace) Go to the main menu, go to Help and Options, you will find a Credits option.

The Simpsons Game - Press START to play - 5G

Easiest Achievement EVER! All you need to do is press start!

xboxresource.com/viewachieveme... - 10G
Another watch credits achievement, this time you have to watch the whole thing.

xboxresource.com/viewachieveme... - 10G
You need the mission 'Numbers' and at the beginning you are given duel wield weapons, you shouldn't run out of ammo, so just keep those and run through the mission, it isn't that long.

xboxresource.com/viewachieveme... 15G
You need to get to rank 10 in combat training, its really simple if you put it on recruit, put some good killstreaks on (I recommend, Blackbird, Chopper Gunner & Dogs) Get these and fire away. I also recommend putting nuketown on with 9 enemies, although its down to personal preference and skill.

Well that wraps up this week with a nice 50G, don't forget also there are two free arcade games marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Pro... and marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Pro... that can give you a nice 200G each while you wait for next weeks 'XBR's Easy Achievements of the Week'.
I would like to thank anyone who contributed to the above achievements and if you would like to suggest any easy achievements please leave a comment below.

8 years ago
Well I wouldn't say Crash Course is an Easy 200G cos some are pretty hard... but most are easy. Harms Way is an easy 200G for sure though.

Nice set of easy achievements this week Nyall, nice work - but you forgot to link the achievements lol... I know not all of them are on the site (such as simpsons) but the ones that are can be linked.

UPDATE: linked them for you ;)
8 years ago
Aah damn! I knew I had forgotten something! Thanks for that, much apprieciated.
As for the crash course ones, ive got to admit there are a couple in there that are quite stubborn and annoying but if you have seen the you tube guides, there not as hard;)