Microsoft made an announcement at the most recent [hint=Consumer Electronics Show]CES[/hint] that they were bringing a new way to communicate with each other over Xbox Live using your Avatars. The method they chose was to utilise Kinect to incorporate your Avatars into a chat room/talk show environment - they give it a super flash name of 'xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t...'.

winrumors.com/microsoft-shows-... has since posted a video preview of what we can expect from AvatarKinect as well as some of it's features - such as the recording of shows and almost real-time Lip Synching.

To see AvatarKinect in Action, follow this link to watch the video in our showcase area - xboxresource.com/showcase.ph... ... n%20Action

AvatarKinect is due to release at around Spring time, Free to all Gold members but you will definitely need to own a Kinect Device to take advantage of it.

9 years ago
Looks great but I can imagine it flopping like photo party. :P
9 years ago
[quote=nyall97]Looks great but I can imagine it flopping like photo party. ]

I dunno, maybe not straight away but eventually... I can see a lot of people doing their own live shows to host xbox news... it's a way for people to hide their true identities but still present a show. I was considering it but I don't have Kinect :(