The developers of Test Drive Unlimited 2 have announced via twitter.com/#...!/Leearigold/status/38617431920345088 that a patch will be coming within about 2 weeks.
The patch is currently under testing, and will be submitted to Microsoft sometime soon.
The following things have been addressed to be fixed:

-Improved login process to allow a higher amount of successful connections.
-Increased online stability across all multiplayer functionality.
-Adress issues related to file corruption.
-Enable Club and 'MyTDULife' functionality.
-Enable Co-op races.
-Enable weather offline.
-Address an issue where players can get a Lancia which has no car data.

Atari have also said they are aware with many people experiencing problems when playing he game, they have said you may experience these problems until the patch goes live:

-Signing in to online mode.
-Seeing other players in the world and on the map.
-Seeing your friends lists and sending/receiving friend requests.
-Claiming your pre-order cars and accessing the Casino.
-Entering multiplayer races / joining friends sessions.
-In game communications.

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