Capcom have announced the first DLC titled 'Alternate Costume Pack' for Marvel vs Capcom 3 'Fate of Two Worlds'. It will be 400 MSP. It will be released March 1st, which is also the day for the DLC 'Shadow Mode' for the same game.

The pack includes new outfits for Captain America, Iron Man and Thor on the Marvel side. Ryu, Chris and Dante get duds on the Capcom side. There are also some other costumes coming:

- Secret Avengers, Captain America. (With triangle shield)
- Classic Thor
- Iron Patriot Iron Man.
- Street Fighter 1 Ryu
- Resident Evil 1 Chris Redfield
- Sparda Dante (Dante's Dad)

All of this will be availiable, March 1st for 400MSP. Visit the official website here - marvelvscapcom3.com/uk/...

Guest 9 years ago
Does Capcom understand the phrase More bang for your buck? Honestly, 400 MSP sounds steep for just alternative costumes. The price sounds like additional characters. Which only 2 have been announced.

Although Dante and Iron Man look pretty sweet.
9 years ago
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played this today with chuckykillinit... Its a pretty good game even if everything is so fast i can hardly tell whats going on sometimes. Seems to me also that they missed out a lot of key characters from both franchises
9 years ago
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Epic game, can't wait for Dante's Dad, also RE1 Chris will be interesting :)
Anyone else got this?