bethblog.com/... have put up High Quality Screenshots of the images used in the most recent Game Informer magazine regarding The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And to make it all the more sweeter they have also added some Concept Art too.

To view the Screenshots and Concept art, follow this link - xboxresource.com/gallery.php... ... 5&s_id=219

9 years ago
I'm finally about to step into Dragon age origins/awakening so by the time I finish it I'll be able to get this one.

It's not confirmed yet but the greatest thing is that since Fallout 3 was DUBBED in many languages there are high chances this game will be too. People usually don't realice how exhausting could be to be forced read thru a whole RPG; even if you understand what you are hearing, it's always more comfy to do so in your home language.

Hate u peope, you gave this so much coverage I'm starting to be interested on it! :D
9 years ago
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i know a lot of people like this series so i make sure to keep them updated... Truth be told ive never even played any of these games lol... Hides face