The UK's biggest gaming retailer, GAME, has signed a deal with Microsoft which will allow them to sell Downloadable content in stores... and since GameStation (another UK Retailer) is owned by GAME, so too shall they.

Some stores are already offering this on a trial basis - you basically purchase a redemption card, similar to purchasing Xbox Live Membership or Microsoft Points. You can then redeem this code on your Xbox profile and download said Game Add-ons or Xbox Live Arcade games. It defeats the need to add Credit/Debit card details to a gamers profile which... in kentonline.co.uk/kentonline/ne... case could have been a lifesaver.

Currently, most of the recent & popular games and add-ons are available for the same price as you'd find them online - however the added bonus for purchasing them in-store is that you can earn Reward Card points as well.

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