After its monumental success with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, DICE is on to its next project, which so happens to be Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 finally was teased today with a trailer and details from DICE. The game will be a direct successor of Battlefield 2 and will be releasing this fall to do battle with Modern Warfare 3. Below is some of the announcements, along with a link to check out the teaser trailer to Battlefield 3.

- Full single-player and co-op campaign
- Return of Jets
- Return of the ability to go prone
- Frostbite 2 engine

To check out the first teaser trailer for Battlefield 3, click the following link - blogs.battlefield.ea.com/battl... ... r-now.aspx

9 years ago
I'm glad to see they are dumping the bad company tag. While it may be nice for singleplayer-campaing-gaming-ing as you got likable characters I like my BF heroes to be annonymous.

Looks like this will be a great game (and I'm yet to watch the trailer) what puzzles me is how they spect to develop a better game than call of duty ? They already did even before COD4 MW existed.

I guess it's about sales they are speaking and considering most (but not all) COD fans are brainwashed crack addict-like gamers buying each installment and playing it daily even (few) admitting they don't like it laveling as just an average/overrated game, EA will have hard times trying to outsell the next COD game.

Who knows, anyways.

I wish I could prevent my Medal of Honor coming back to my console so I could retake BFBC2 multiplayer where I left it... so many stuff to play and just 24h per day, damn.
Guest 9 years ago
Really rooting for BF. I always liked the multiplayer way better than CoD. Much more of a team oriented game.