The Xbox Live Marketplace schedule beginning the 8th February 2011 has just been released, check it out below.

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week
Week of February 7 - Retro Shooter:
Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
Space Invaders Infinity Gene, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, 400 Microsoft Points (67 percent off)
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, 400 Microsoft Points
Galaga Legions, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)

Week of February 14
Blacklight: Tango Down, 600 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
Risk Factions, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)

Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace

February 16: Hard Corps: Uprising collection
February 16: Beyond Good & Evil HD collection
February 16: Full House Poker collection
February 16: Bejeweled Blitz LIVE collection
February 16: Torchlight collection

Xbox LIVE Game Add-ons
February 8: Mass Effect 2 Alternate Appearance Pack 2, 160 Microsoft Points
February 8: The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout Pilates, 400 Microsoft Points
February 15: Marvel Super Hero Squad Thanos Throwdown, 400 Microsoft Points

Xbox LIVE Arcade
February 9: TNT Racers, 800 Microsoft Points and available worldwide
February 9: Stacking, 1200 Microsoft Points and available worldwide (except Japan)

Xbox 360 Games on Demand
February 8: Darksiders
February 8: Mini Ninjas
February 15: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
February 15: Rapala Tournament Fishing!
February 15: Aliens vs. Predator

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9 years ago
Sadly I paid full price for tango down. 1st day but... not much players arround, long time searching games and few bugs ruined a game that I initially liked. I know they got it patched but never came back to it again.

Also microsoft's proudly raping our customers in the ass policy still saddens it more if this can be; not only black light tango down went DOTW too late (I'm sure it lost tons of fanbase on its way) but they are over discounting stuff already discounted.

As far as I can remember Serious Sam the second encounter was like 600 msp not long ago. I was like i've not finished TFE yet but what the hell it's a nice discount I haven't played it yet tho. And now I read that they are discounting it over half of its price ?

I've previously said here that microsoft taught me to not be a 1st day buyer anymore but it seems the would like me to skip offers and deals first time they appear, since they will surely be offering it cheaper at least twice again (risk, geometry wars 2...) and with high chances of being even cheaper!

Was half there to say duke nuk'm for me but I'm afraid I'll say Nay Sir. I'd rather wait for doom 2 wich at least have cooler avatar awards (and better gameplay)

end of rant, call me the twocentimator.