Treyarch released a title update for Call of Duty: Black Ops yesterday that addresses quite a long list of things. If you were wondering what has been updated then please read on.

New Features:
- New contracts added to the rotation.
- Added optional pre-match timer for LAN / System-Link games.
- Support for First Strike map pack. All First Strike maps will be available in every playlist on 2/1.

Issues Addressed:
- Fix timing specific issue where the game can be put into slow motion.
- Addressed disconnected path error when using the doors in Radiation after a host migration.
- Fixed stability issues navigating lobbies after client on Split Screen Zombies quits out of a game.
- Addressed issue/exploit when removing Counter Spy Plane effects with the Jammer.
- Fixed a freeze when quickly loading maps one after another in private match.
- Fixed issue where players get primary weapons in Second Chance.
- Fixed NEW stamp not disappearing for Custom Slot 9 when highlighting the slot.
- Removed water vision effect when respawning after dying in the acid pool in Radiation.
- Several contract fixes.
- Now allow players to connect to System Link Games even if they are not connected to LIVE.
- Fixed crash when host migration occurred during a join-in-progress.
- Fixed issue with players seeing incomplete Create a Class submenus when Party leader switches lobbies or kicks player.
- Fixed in-game Friends List from opening when viewing then closing the playercard of a player in a lobby.
- Addressed Zombies split screen issue where players sometimes get booted back in the lobby.
- Replaced debug text appearing for some content in the in-game Store.
- Fixed crash when attempting to watch a film or clip with 3 or more profiles signed in.
- Fixed freeze while watching films and changing sign-in status using inactive profiles.
- Fixed a freeze if a player opens the Xbox Guide while the match is ending and quits immediately as they arrive in the post-game lobby.

Gameplay Tuning:
- Second Chance - players that put an enemy into Second Chance are now credited for a full kill once that enemy dies. If another player kills the enemy while the enemy is in Second Chance, they will get assist credit.
- Adjustments to the PSG1 with attachments.
- AK74U adjustments.
- RCXD adjustments.
- Silenced sniper rifle adjustments.
- Removed hit markers when shooting friendly equipment.

8 years ago
sixpackkiller Said
what are the gun adjustments? did they make the ak74 less powerful? also, the latest update erased the playercard emblem for me and a few (but not many) friends. is there a reason for this?

Whilst I am not entirely sure what the updates are for that particular gun or the others that weren't detailed... I do know that ever since the update it won't save my Look Sensitivity after every match - have to change it all the time because it's way too fast.