This morning saw the release of the Raskulls Reinforcements 1 DLC for 160MSP. It features 4 new playable characters who are introduced below as well as adding 3 new achievements worth 50G.

The Raskulls cast is expanding in the first Reinforcements pack with the addition of four new playable characters! Meet Spaceman, with a heart of gold and lust for adventure - Viking, whose pillaging tendencies have made him none too popular - Kitten, who never forgets to purr - and Barney, the lovable yet entirely incompetent henchman of the evil Turncoat. Download this character pack and turn the heat up in your Grand Prix matches!

To download the Raskulls Reinforcements 1 DLC to your Xbox 360, follow this link - marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Pro... ... ?cid=SLink

9 years ago
Loved the demo but as far as MS works hard on encouraging us not to buy on release date I decided to wait till DoTW. No more 1st day purchase for me sir.

BTW... just characters ? muliplayer looked fun but arcade games' multiplayer value usually fade few week from it's release so they basically are sellin, well... gamerscore.

Wich IMHO feels sad. I love achievements but it reached a point where to some (both players and devs) those little popups count if not more, as much as gaming itself.

Thanks for sharing anyway, they sure are cute! :)