Next month (1st Feb) will see the release of the very first Call of Duty: Black Ops Map Pack - entitled First Strike. The map pack will feature four new Multiplayer Maps as well as one extra Zombies map and will set you back 1200MSP($15).

Treyarch have uploaded a video preview of the four Multiplayer Maps and a gave a little description of what each map brings to the table, unfortunately it doesn't include any information or footage of the new Zombies map but we could possibly see some footage of it shortly before release.

We have the video up in the showcase for you to watch as well as some Screenshots of the new maps in the gallery. [posthidden]If you would like to read more about the maps, click the read more link at the bottom of this article.[/posthidden]

To watch the first look video of the First Strike Map Pack, follow this link - xboxresource.com/showcase.ph... ... %20Pack%20

To view the Black Ops First Strike DLC gallery, follow this link - xboxresource.com/gallery.php?t... ... Strike+DLC

Berlin Wall
This map is set between East and West Berlin and focuses greatly on the Berlin Wall which is broken at the center... featuring a No-Man's land in between full of auto-turrets.

A Small, close-quarters map with plenty of places to hide.

Set around an antarctic research station, this map features a huge chasm between the two sides of the map which can be destroyed.

Last but certainly not least, this map is inspired by one of the Single Player campaign missions and features plenty of rooftop hiding places and also zip-lines that you can use to get from one side of the map to another.

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