If you are looking forward to dancing with Michael Jackson as your character, then you will be happy to know when that is possible. Along with announcing the amount of units sold on other platforms, Ubisoft gave word that Michael Jackson: The Experience will be hitting store shelves on April 12 in North America and April 14 in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (Japan TBA). It is appropriate to note that the game will require Kinect to play. While the other platforms have had the game reviewed poorly, the 360 version will be getting some extra tracks and other features to hopefully boost The Experience.

9 years ago
IMHO those wii and move commercials are all fake. Already said that; people dancing like that matters but their consoles are just getting their hand movement as REAL DATA IMPUT.

MJ signature moves didn't focus so hard on just waving one hand, except if you are counting the crotch grabbin' move, so IMO those were poor attemps to capitalice on lackey early versions of a product designed specifically for kinect.

As long as motion capture will be well implemented, the game will be a blast on kinect. Who hasn't danced like Michael Jackson at least once ? C'mon it counts when nobody's looking...