THQ seems to be following EA's multiplayer pass requirements, this time with their upcoming FPS, Homefront. If you happen to purchase a used copy or happen to rent a copy of Homefront, you will have to pay an extra $10 to get the complete multiplayer experience, this extra $10 being the online pass. Used and rented buyers will have some multiplayer experience though, but it will be limited, meaning they will only be able to progress to level 5 of 75.

Homefront's single-player experience will not be different to rental or used copies, so if you are worried for that portion of the game, you will be fine. What do you think about this online pass business? Comment below and let us know whatcha' think!

9 years ago
I've never been against those measures, it adds value to owning the game. In other areas like collectables, item condition does matter but not that much on videogames; as long as it's playable, it's ok for most people and why has anyone to pay just 10% of what I paid to get the same ?

Also, lots of stores are making crazy money with second hand market. Money that developers often miss. I sell 1 copy to retailers but 5 gamers got that given game, so they lose 4 sales.

The only thing those online / vip pass lack is implementation to family xbox live accounts, so If a family own 1 copy of the game, all can play without needing more than 1 pass.