The forums have constantly been abuzz with the arguement over who is the most evil out of the games companies - EA or Activision? (With Ubisoft in a close second.) Well, it seems that there's a sale coming our way as a sort of peace offering to us grumpy ol' gamers.

Starting on January 11th, and for one week, 25 pieces of Activision content will be slashed by up to 50%... which should mean the three of you COD-Heads who don't have all the map-packs might be able to get them cheap.

Then from January 18th, 25 pieces of Electronic Arts content will be slashed similarly... which would mean... maybe some Battlefield maps, or what we're REALLY intrested in: XBLA games? The sale then ends on the 25th.

Hopefully there should be some good bargains in there... but does that really change our minds?

9 years ago
People won't change their mind so easy but those are good news. please keep us updated about what stuff gets discounted! :)

EA's got lots of great DLC/arcades out wich IMHO makes them less evil than activision. EA pushes the boundaries of gaming (from time to time) and in general their DLC is much worthy than Activision's wich all feel like lazy atempts at getting our money (spider man shattered dimensions costumes, COD maps... look what they offer and what they ask for it).

EA even supported projects like mirror's edge, dead space and recently Mr Fancy Pants (2D flash game) so in the end they are just greedy but not evil. Sometimes it seems to be actual players amongst EA's crew.

Ubi by far is the lazyest one arround. They found the golden formula and repeat it to dead (splinter cell, prince of persia, assassins creed... looks like they all are the same game w/ different weapons and characters) at least ACTI (even if they also overmilked the COD franchise) published blur, transformers and Spiderman...
9 years ago
Besides, it's stated @ Major Nelson's blog;

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week** ;

Week of January 10 ? Zombies?Back from the Dead:

Zombie Apocalypse, 400 Microsoft Points

The Dishwasher; Dead Samurai, 400 Microsoft Points

Zombie Prop Avatar, 160 Microsoft Points

Week of January 17:

Plants vs. Zombies, 800 Microsoft Points

**Special pricing available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members

Xbox Games On Demand;

January 4; Crackdown 2

January 11; Need for Speed SHIFT

January 18; Transformers: The Game

January 18; Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

January 18; Dante?s Inferno

Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace;

January 6- New Year?s Resolution

January 6- Food Fest

January 6- Burton

January 13- Dinosaur Pets

January 13- Xbox 360 Gear

Xbox LIVE Arcade:

January 12; Zeit2 (Ubisoft) 800 Microsoft Points.


Damn, just got 600 msp... shall I get few more so I can get plants VS zombies!
9 years ago
Well I finally got transformers wfc pack 1 and assault heroes 2.

Let's see what will EA offer and then compare wich evil took the more out of my money in the next post.

Would be nice to know others' choices.