Tonight was Microsoft's briefing to kick-off the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, and it brought more statistics than announcements. Microsoft's numbers over 2010 were enormous, and the most impressive amongst all the major consoles. We saw both the console and its Live service take huge steps in positive directions with new features and Kinect. Below is a complete wrap-up of the gaming portion of the 2011 Microsoft CES Briefing, so please enjoy!

Xbox 360/Xbox Live Statistics

--2010 was the biggest year in Xbox history

--50 million Xbox 360 have been sold worldwide to-date

--30 million members are now on Xbox Live

--A new member joins Xbox Live every two seconds

--The Xbox 360 has been the #1 selling console for the last 6 months

--In only 60 days, Kinect has sold over 8 million units worldwide

Xbox Live Announcements

--Kinect enabled Netflix is coming later this year

--Kinect enabled HuluPlus coming later this Spring

--Avatar Kinect was formerly announced

Windows Phone 7 Information

--Windows Phone 7 is coming to Verizon and Sprint in the first half of 2011

--Fable is coming to Windows Phone 7 in the form of golf

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