I recently was scouring the internet checking out sites using Xbox 360 as the keyword on Google. I happened to stumble upon a website that not only interested me, but instantly made me a customer. That site is called Gamestaq; Started by two gamers upset at retailer's trade-in values such as GameStop, these two men came up with a site devoted to giving sellers the fair dollar amount for their games, and making both the buyer and sellers jobs simple and quick. You can read on to learn more about Gamestaq, and how they work.

Gamestaq separates itself from other buying/selling sites because they eliminated auctions; They scour the net and set the real market price for every game, they confine trade points and in-store credits; You can buy and sell in real cash, and finally they simplified the entire transaction; You never interact with the other end of the deal.

We believe that the power should actually be given to the players.
We believe gamers should be given the fair market value for their games.
And we believe that pre-owned games should be priced as such.

For sellers, which is one of the main reasons the site attracted me, you basically start by making an account, then find the game(s) you want to sell. After clicking to sell the selected game, Gamestaq's of bots go out and find 10-15 sources of the game's price to come up with a fair selling price. You then are put in a queue, where say 5 games of Fable III are available to purchase, and you click sell, you are now in position 6 of the queue. This means once the 5 games are sold, your game will be the next available to purchase. As you wait for someone to buy your game (sometimes this process takes a day to a couple weeks depending on the game), you can go out via Facebook or Twitter and promote your game. If someone uses your promotion and buys it, then your games sells no matter your spot in the queue. Once your game is purchased, you can then accept the purchase. After accepting, you will prompted within 48 hours to print out a shipping label that they give you via their site, and ship the game away via USPS. Once your game is scanned by USPS as shipped your are instantly paid.

This way of selling is fantastic as you never have to make contact with the buyer at all. You also get paid in an interesting way; Once paid, money goes to your account on the site where you can buy games on Gamestaq, or you can send your money to a PayPal account for your use. They are even working on ways to do a system of direct deposit style of pay, but either way, its a great way to make money.

For shoppers, you simply just search on the site for the game you are wanting to purchase. Once the game is selected, you can click the purchase button. Using Gamestaq's bot system, they find that fair price for the game using 10-15 sources on the internet, and that is the price you will pay. After purchasing, you wait for the seller to ship the game directly to your address with a guarantee - complete and fully playable.

I recently used Gamestaq as a seller, where I put up a handful of games to sell. Someone purchased Mafia II - I was in queue 1. All I did was print out the label, put it in a box, and out it is heading to a gamer in Florida. It was simple, easy, and the prices are truly fair. Gamestaq does take a portion out of the price from both the buyer and seller - usually 5% from each party - but I still ended up receiving $30 for Mafia II. The user interface at Gamestaq is simple to use, and the folks that run Gamestaq are some of the best support people on the web. I wanted to share this to all of you so you can all start buying and selling from a reliable web site that is fair, simple, and interesting. The best thing about Gamestaq is that it is run by gamers for gamers. Gaming is their passion, and it truly shows with a fantastic company they are running.

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