A feature that has been in the pipelines for a while here at Xbox Resource was the ability to have more than just one theme but instead, an array of themes that our users can choose from. Slowly we've been adding more variations of the standard Green Theme (such as Red, Blue, Purple and recently Black), however we wanted to extend this collection.

In a style similar to that of the xboxresource.com/emblem.php... introduced recently, you can now Unlock (using your xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t... and Earn themes to use on this site. And we will be adding lots more themes at later dates, so you're bound to find one you like - and you can also preview them before you choose to unlock/activate any of them. To check out what themes are available just follow this link - xboxresource.com/sitethemes.ph...

Remember that only you can see the Theme you select as everyone's will be unique to them.

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