Coming soon to a Kinect near you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfPImWIPZ8o! Some people got a hold of a Kinect open-source driver and a Windows 7 compatible computer and thought: 'What better way to use our time than to make a sexy girl feeling simulator?'

The youtube video above is an early build of the 'game', but don't expect it to get much farther, as Microsoft has already heard about this risque game and sound as if they're going to axe it ASAP.

Maybe next time someone will try to make something more worthwhile, or interesting, sorta like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWmVrfjDCyw&feature=player_embedded.

May we warn you that the Kinect sex video might not be safe for work.

9 years ago
I don't think Microsoft actually realise what they've created with Kinect... it has so much potential not only as a gaming device but for other things as well... like the video posted at the end of this article.

I've been thinking about it and call it a bit farfetched but what if this thing could help blind people to see - not fully like if they weren't blind but help them identify 3D object locations and possibly even what they are... I dare say its a bit of a longshot but if they can help a blind guy see using his tongue then I'm sure this could be something to look into.

Do have to post something my girlfriend said when she saw the flying helicopter with Kinect attached... she said Why is it flying, I didn't know Kinect could fly - I had to explain it was attached to a machine that could fly. LOL!
9 years ago
As fas as I can recall, there were penile peripherials back in the ps2 era. Japan is a place full of horny geniuses so if it took half the time of a blink to incorporate the back at the time groundbreaking dual shock/ rumble pack tecnology to pervy games, it's just natural they will end up doing so with the kinect.

Maybe Microsoft finally found the key to appeal to the nippon market.

But again, we are talking about MS, an US based company, this meaning the kind of mentality where wielding a gun is a daily affair but seeing a nipple unleashes hells amongst the people.

By now, the greatest potential with kinect is in the hands of hackers and modders, muck like what happened to nintendo DS and all those drawing apps (before the official games came out) and yes, ero stuff and so.

Oh, and the flying kinect reminds me of (concept) Johnny 5 from shortcircuit movie. I guess if someone will end up creating a kinect domou-arogato-mr.-robotto.