Doritos' Crash Course!, one of the finalists of the Unlock Xbox competition, is an Avatar game... No, no, don't scroll away just yet! While it may fall into the same general category as the mostly-disliked Avatar Indie games, this game is a finalist for a reason, and the terrific price of 'free' makes it that no one should pass up giving Crash Course! a try.

Crash Course! has a very simple premise: Get from one end of the obstacle course to the other in the fastest time possible. You (well, your Avatar) run, jump, and slide through a total of fifteen stages, and you get a place depending on the time you finished in. You want to get gold for every race, of course, but it's not always that easy... in addition, the game keeps constant track of your friends' times, so there's also an edge of friendly competition with your Xbox Live buddies.

Since the game promotes competition and constantly bettering your score, this may not be for everyone. To be honest, it's not really my cup of tea, either. But the real fun I find in Crash Course! is that the game has both online and local multiplayer. Sure, the screen gets a little hard to see when you're split between three or four people, but it's still a blast to play. I haven't tried online multiplayer, but I assume it's near the same experience. Playing with friends in this sort of game can really up the fun factor, as then it becomes less of a skill grind and more of just having fun.

Crash Course! runs with a really simple idea, and executes it well. This little game is enjoyable, albeit a bit short, and is worth anyone's time of a download and trying it out. While it doesn't appeal to everyone, hooking up with a few friends and running some obstacle courses will surely be fun for anyone.

9 years ago
I actually like this game, it's fun and challenging if your competing for times and given the fact it's free I can't really say a bad word about it.

I especially like that you play as your avatar for real, not like other games where all you can do is either see your avatar on screen or only walk around as them, nothing else. The game reminds me of Gladiators/Total Wipeout and I think avatars fit it very well.

Some easy achievements to boot as well so all in all a good little game. I think this should win the competition to be honest even if I do think they cut corners by using avatars.
9 years ago
You can't complain at something for free, can you?... ... ... Nope, I'm not gonna do it. Seriously, a free game is a free game and not to be sniffed at, and for a free game - this is quite fun. The only thing I can grumble at is the one thing that Gaiges neglected to mention - The online experience.

Its really simple, you get the same basics of the game, except whereas in splitscreen you have the aspect of seeing everyone else racing along as usual, in XBOXLIVE mode you have a cardboard cutout on a helicopter blade acting as a place holder for your online opponents. Although an animated ghost character would've been preferred - this suffices. The only downside, and I don't know if this is due to certain people I played with, but the 'loading' times appear to be longer the more people are playing. On one or two players there's hardly any loading time, yet on 3+ it seemed to hang for a long time on the level completion screen. Eventually the next option would appear and load the level instantly (Counting from 0-100% in all but a second.). Whilst we put up with this for a bit, it wasn't long till we moved swiftly on to other free gamage. :P

But even still... Its a FREE game. Why read a review? HELL, why write a review? Just download it already and play it yourself!
9 years ago
Pity that they didn't include the power ups and the leveling up stuff for multiplayer (found in the original concept).

The cardboard stuff for multiplayer feels cheap but again, cheap is the game itself considering its price is zero.

With a level editor and some of Trial HD's charm (level/gameplay) this could have had a great replayable value but once you beat a track and know what lurks beyond your screen margin it losses something important.

Maybe with blinking points (score) going up everytime you perform a specifically well executed move accompained with the propper sound (yeah, videogames get more hokking they more they add from slot machine games, look at FPS throwing stuff @ your screen everytime you do well in multiplayer!)

Think about an hybrid of this and UNIRALLY (youngsters should try that out) wich reminds me... why rare didn't re-release that one as arcade @ XBLA ?

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