Hey, all you Costume Quest lovers, the new downloadable content, 'Grubbins on Ice', comes out today on Xbox Live. This meaty content gives you some new costumes to play with, more battle stamps to collect, and a bunch of new quests to partake in.

The DLC is only 400 MS Points ($5), so if you enjoyed Double Fine's XBLA entry and are looking for more, this should be right up your alley.

9 years ago
Awesome game. Brief but awesome.

IMHO 400 msp is way too pricey as far as the game itself was already 1200 and didn't last long so this should have been for free as a gift for people who paid full price tag and got just very few hours (yet awesome) of entertainment.

Ive been told that this DLS takes about 1/3 of the original game to complete so load it bink and you'll be right at the end of it.

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