The biggest release of 2010 is continuing to get developer post-release support as Treyarch promised. Treyarch has already released one patch addressing a number of issues, and today they announced a second patch is in the works. Along with this announcement came a detailed list on what this patch would be fixing. The complete list of fixes for Call of Duty: Black Ops can be seen by reading on below.

Issues Addressed:

• Resolved several issues with parties getting disbanded unexpectedly.

• Updated handling for UPnP-enabled routers to improve matchmaking conditions where users had strict or moderate NAT types. Also added in-game communications so that all players are aware of their NAT type in the Player Match party lobby.

• Addressed issue that prevented the “Load MP by Default” option from saving when other specific option combinations were set.

• Prevention of exploit that allowed players to keep custom classes and killstreaks after prestige.

• Addressed an issue where Flak Jacket Pro would not always protect against ground fires left by Napalm Strikes.

• Prevention of users losing their killstreak reward when switching classes at the start of a new round in round-based game modes.

• Addressed an issue where the incorrect perks would appear when spectating another player under certain circumstances.

• Added round start explosive delay to China Lake grenade launcher to give it the same round start limitations as other explosives.

• Contracts will now reset when the player Prestiges.

• Prevention of Valkyrie rocket exploding upon release under rare conditions.

• Prevention of Gunship failing to give player full control under rare conditions.

• Prevention of an issue where a player will get teleported outside the map boundaries under very specific circumstances.

• Additional security measures to enhance detection and banning capabilities.

Gameplay Tuning:

• Limit the ability to re-roll supply drops using Hardline Pro to Care Packages only, no other killstreak drops.

• Added a negative influencer to all spawn points to decrease the chances of spawning near an enemy. This will further improve spawning protection on top of previous updates.

• Additional sound mix tuning for Ninja Pro users – increased ranges and volume of enemy footsteps, and removed player footstep sounds on concrete material types.

• Increased headshot multipliers for sniper rifles. Sniper rifles with suppressors equipped will now always be ensured one-shot kill headshots.

• Subtle increase in sniper rifle accuracy when scoping in.

• Added a render delay to the red diamond player indicators that appear when controlling the Gunship, Valkyrie Rocket and Chopper Gunner. When a player first spawns, this will not appear for a period of time.

• Additional minor reductions in knife lunge.

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