This weeks Deal of the Week pays homage to all the snow and coldness of winter currently sweeping us and xbox.com/en-US/live/joinlive?x... are now able to snatch up 50% off the following deals from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

marketplace.xbox.com/Product/S... - 400MSP
marketplace.xbox.com/Product/3... - 400MSP
marketplace.xbox.com/Product/P... - 400MSP
marketplace.xbox.com/Product/S... - 160MSP

And also some wintery Avatar gear:
marketplace.xbox.com/Product/C... (male only) - 120 MSP
marketplace.xbox.com/Product/F... (female only) - 120 MSP
marketplace.xbox.com/Product/R... (male only) - 80 MSP
marketplace.xbox.com/Product/G... - 120 MSP

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