Here's the upcoming Marketplace Schedule for the month of December 2010... hit the read more link to find out what's happening in regards to Deals of the Week plus Arcade Game, Game Add-on & Avatar Gear releases.

Xbox LIVE Deals of the Week - Week of December 6 - Winter Wonderland
Polar Panic, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
Burton Snowboard, 120 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
Burton RED Hi Fi Helmet, 80 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
Gingerbread Man, 120 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
Gears of War 2 Snowblind Map Pack, 160 Microsoft Points (60 percent off)
3 on 3 NHL Arcade, 200 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)

Week of December 13 - Casual Arcade
Bejeweled 2, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
UNO RUSH, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
Zuma, 200 Microsoft Points, (50 percent off)
Tetris Splash, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)
Feeding Frenzy 2, 400 Microsoft Points

Xbox Games On Demand
December 7: Army of TWO: The 40th Day
December 14: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace
December 2: NBA Collectio
December 2: Trials HD
December 9: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
December 9: Holiday Collection

Xbox Game Add-Ons
December 8: Pinball FX 2: Marvel Comic Table Pack, 800 Microsoft Points
December 14: Forza Motorsport 3 Community Choice Classics Pack , 400 Microsoft Points

Starting December 22 through January 5, Microsoft Game Studios will introduce three new downloadable hits hits as part of 'Games for the Holidays', exclusively to Xbox LIVE Arcade and for gamers of every level:

December 22: A World of Keflings, 800 Microsoft Points
December 29: Raskulls, 800 Microsoft Points
January 5: ilomilo, 800 Microsoft Points

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9 years ago
well, maaaaybe feeding frenzy 2 or polar panic (liked the trial) ring my bell but I should have to get points just to get those and sincerely got so much DLC lately that I don't feel like getting anything else unless I feel it's a must.