Venetica, an Action RPG released in Germany over a year ago and in the UK about a month ago (only on the PS3 though), has finally picked up an American publisher and will be crossing over the lake in January of 2011. Atari will be handling this interesting game, which focuses on Scarlett, the daughter of the 'current' Death.

See, in the world of Venetica, an organization called the Corpus chooses who Death is and how the Reaper should go about doing his business. However, this time the Corpus chose a Death that may not have been well-thought out: When an evil necromancer who wants to reign destruction becomes the new Reaper, the Corpus are powerless to stop him. So, you set off as Scarlett to try to find some way to stop him, using her powers to transverse the realm of the dead to help her.

This might be a bit of a crude synopsis of the game, but I think it looks extremely interesting, and worth keeping an eye on.

9 years ago
This has been arround here (Spain, Europe) for ages and never gave it a try. That was maybe because here games are twice or so more expensive so I'm glad it's been released outside my country so I can buy it and pay shipping fees and still get it cheaper.

Yeah, that's how videogaming industry works, they are geniuses.