DICE's hit, Battlfield: Bad Company 2, is back in the news as their upcoming DLC - simply titled Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam - has been dated and priced. EA released this information today, along with plans on December 1st (Today for some of you) to release VIP Map Pack 7 (free to those who registered their VIP code), giving players brand new maps (some of which from Battlfield: Bad Company).

Bad Company 2 Vietnam, on the other hand, is planned to hit the Marketplace on December 21st. This DLC will give you ALL NEW maps, vehicles, weapons, achievements, and music.

Finally, to purchase this DLC, you must have 1,200 MSP, or 15 American dollars. Will you be picking up this DLC? Comment below and let us know!

9 years ago
Despite I've been craving for 'NAM combat for long, most likely I won't be getting this anytime soon.

This may be priced right, and would be a wonderful adition to people that focus on playing few games but I play a wide variety of stuff (I have hard times at finishing a game since I start out way too many!) so I'll pass on even considering it till it gets discounted.

I've been a 1st day buyer for too long, and not taking advantage of DoTw would be like paying gold membership and not playing online.


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