Well... I am assuming that if you're reading this article you do, well we're going to tell you how to do it. All you need is an unused 1 Month Gold Code (if your willing to part from it) and a Japanese Xbox Live Account - don't worry if you don't have the latter we will explain how to get one.

Simply follow the read more link and we will explain it all.
You will need

- One Unused 1 Month Gold Trial Code
- A Japanese Xbox Live Account - don't have one - make one at this address: xbox.com/ja-JP/live/membership...

How to get it
Once, you have made your Japanese Silver Account. Recover the newly created account to your Xbox 360 if it isn't already on there and then sign in. Redeem the 1 Month Gold Trial on the Japanese Xbox Live Account and then follow this link on your computer: marketplace.xbox.com/ja-JP/Pro... ... cid=search

This will allow you to download Earthworm Jim HD for FREE! If it's worth using up a 1 Month Gold Trial then why not.

It is unknown how long this offer will last but we will update you if/when it expires.

Credit goes to xboxresource.com/viewuser.php?... for making us aware of this.

9 years ago
However since Earthworm Jim HD is currently half price on the Xbox Live Marketplace as Deal of the Week - you may need to sum up whether or not it's worth parting with a 1 Month Gold Trial or just buying it for 400MSP - the choice is yours.
9 years ago
Already knew that those japanese chaps got earthwormjim for free while I paid 800 msp back at release day...

I don't like to be like that but microsoft sure knows how to make happy their most valuable customers (yay, and I'm saying that from one of the most forgotten xblive regions in europe)

Anyways, It's a clever move to get a free game, congrats :)

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